The name of this organization shall be “The Fox Valley Traffic Club”.


The business and purpose of the Club shall be to discuss matters pertaining to or affecting transportation in any form; to promote efficiencies, business, and camaraderie among its members; to transact and carry on all matters deemed to benefit and aid members and the industry; and be socially responsible and equitable in providing value to the region(s) in which its members do business.


Membership shall be open to any shipper or receiver of goods / services and its representatives, any transportation or communication company and its representatives, students working toward a degree in transportation management or related field, driver training or related field, and honorary members who reside or work in the Fox River Valley or surrounding region(s) that formally apply for membership.

  1. Honorary members shall be approved by the Executive Board and enjoy the privileges of the Club but shall not hold office.
  2. All applications for membership are subject to approval by the Executive Board.


The officers of the Club shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary, and will serve with five other Directors to make up the Executive Board in whom shall be vested the management, operational and advancement responsibilities for the Club.

  1. The directors of the Executive Board shall be developed from nominations submitted at large, and elected by the Club membership through mail ballot. All nominees must be current members and in good standing with the Club.
  2. The director nominees must be established in a manner to elect a minimum of three each from both the Industry and Transportation areas.  The general election will be held in November every two years in order to elect nine (9) directors maximum to the Executive Board beginning in 2016. Any tie among nominees in the election will be decided by the current President.
  3. Each director elected will serve a two-year term, and is eligible to seek re-election at the end of the term. The President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary shall each be elected by and from among the Executive Board, and serve a two-year term as officers. Current officers are eligible to be re-elected again as new officers contingent on being re-elected to the Board. The President, Vice-President and Secretary shall serve without pay. The Treasurer shall receive an annual stipend approved by the Executive Board.
  4. The President shall, with informal majority approval by the Executive Board, appoint a member of the Club at large to fill the unexpired term of a director due to resignation or other compelling reason. A similar officer opening will be filled by an election of a current director by the Executive Board.
  5. The Executive Board shall appoint a current director(s) as special assistant(s) to the Treasurer to insure additional or emergency access to Club financials and accounts, and serve as a secondary audit with all financial matters for the Club.


The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and Executive Board; appoint all committee members; and with the support of the Executive Board, exercise the power and influence to move the Club forward toward the purpose for which it was formed.

In the absence of, or resignation by, the President, the Vice-President shall assume and perform all duties of the President, and fill the unexpired term pending the following election.

The Secretary shall record all minutes of Board and regular meetings; provide the minutes for review and approval at Executive Board meetings and upon additional request by Board and Club members; handle communications to the Executive Board members for all meeting dates, time and place; be responsible for all general communications to the Club, media, and other social media and external outlets; and maintain a current and updated list of Club officers, directors and members.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial activities of the Club, deposit all receipts, and pay all bills or debts of the Club; prepare and present a Financial Statement at the first meeting of the Executive Board following fiscal year-end; work with the Executive Board appointed special assistant(s) to maintain a continuous flow of information on all financial matters pertaining to the Club; and provide training as needed for the assistant(s).


The Club shall hold regular meeting and events for members each year on dates established by the Executive Board. Those include, but aren’t limited to, an Annual Dinner, Golf Outing, Sports Night, or additional social informal gatherings of the Club. Members will be notified by email, or regular mail upon request, of all meetings and events, and any changes with the schedule will be communicated at least 10 days in advance of the original scheduled date(s) barring unforeseen emergency circumstances.

Special meetings of the Club may be called by the Executive Board if circumstances warrant it. Club members may make a special appeal to the President to convene a Club or Executive Board meeting if a minimum of 10 current members sign and provide written request with detailed information pertaining to the need for such meeting.


Each member of the Club, including officers and directors of the Executive Board, shall pay annual dues at an amount established each year by the Executive Board. Notices for dues shall be emailed to Club members by the Treasurer on the first Wednesday in March, and should be paid by or before April 1. This will provide a firm dollar amount for financial support of the Club events during that calendar year. It will be the responsibility of the Executive Board to assist the Treasurer with the collection of unpaid dues in any capacity required.


There must be a minimum of fifteen (15) percent of current Club membership to constitute a voting quorum for any meeting of the Club.

A minimum of six (6) members of the Executive Board shall constitute a voting quorum for that body.


The President shall, upon assuming office, establish committees and appoint Executive Board members and / or Club members at large who verbally or in writing commit to serve on the committee(s), and would take action on behalf of and to further the goals of the Club. These annual committees include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Annual Meeting Committee
  2. Golf Outing Committee
  3. Sports Night Committee
  4. Scholarship Committee (minimum of three (3) members)
  5. Charities & Benefits Committee (Honor Glory Flight, Red Smith, etc.)
  6. Membership Advancement Committee
  7. Any other committee(s) at the discretion of the President and Executive Board


These articles may be revised in part or its entirety upon pre-approval at a meeting of the Executive Board, and then ratified through a general election of the membership of the Club. A two-thirds majority vote must be achieved in both cases to approve a proposed revision or addition to each single article.


These standard rules of order will be followed at all meetings of the Club to include:

  1. Roll call of officers and Executive Board members
  2. Review and approval of previous minutes upon request
  3. Financial and other Club updates
  4. Committee reports
  5. Pending or new business
  6. Elections (if required)
  7. Adjournment


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