About Us

The Fox Valley Traffic Club was founded 85 years ago by representatives of the transportation industry. These representatives for the most part were traffic/shipping managers for local manufacturers as well as workers from various local truck and rail companies. The purpose was to better serve transportation needs, discuss current problems at hand, and reach for better solutions. It would be well to remember that fifty years ago (pre 1980’s) the ICC was a large controlling factor in the transportation industry.

For several years the club helped finance local students who attended the transportation classes at Fox Valley Technical College. It was later determined that since most of these students were being supplemented by their employers, there really wasn’t a need to continue this practice.

In its place, the club started a yearly scholarship fund. Qualifying students must be attending a two or four year school of higher education. Students that apply must be full-time, maintain a minimum GPA of 2.25 and write an original essay about their accomplishments and goals. Candidates must be a child or grandchild of a Fox Valley Traffic Club member in good standing.

The club meets for what could be called a combination of educational and social events. Our Sports night supports and honors both local and regional organizations. We have been strong supporters of the University of Wisconsin football and basketball programs. We also have worked with Packer charitable endeavors as well as such programs as the March of Dimes.

The club is governed by By Laws and serves as a conduit between carious groups to promote quality and good ethics in the Fox Valley community.

The Fox Valley Traffic Club ( FVTC) has been promoting and educating others about the transportation, supply-chain and logistics industry in the Northeastern Region of Wisconsin. Our not for profit club is a resource for persons seeking professional development, industry contacts and job opportunities, and even for students who have decided on careers in the industry.

We represent shippers, transportation providers of all modes, 3PL companies, government agencies, and others who serve Northeastern Wisconsin and beyond.  FVTC holds functions that feature industry leaders and experts discussing issues and best practices